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The Peljesac Channel, narrow channel that lies between Peljesac peninsula and Korcula island in the Adriatic Sea (Dalmatia, southern Croatia), is famous among windsurfers and kitesurfers throughout the world due to the local northwesterly wind, called Maestral, which appears in the channel mainly during summer season. The shape of its western entrance and surrounding topography (mountains) is such that provides with a unique funnel effect which increases westerly winds forces. Generally, wind flow from all directions over the Peljesac Channel is strongly influenced by its topography. Approximate length of Peljesac Channel is 7.5 nautical miles (14 kilometers). Average width is 1 nautical mile (1.8 km). At other times, different conditions occur mainly when an cyclone appears and develops near the Gulf of Genoa (Italy). Moist wind from SE, called Jugo-Sirocco may persist for several days and blow in the channel. Jugo rainless periods create excellent windsurfing conditions mainly during late autumn, winter and early spring. Peljesac Channel funnel-shaped western entrance gradually narrowing from 1.6 NM to 0.8 NM wide. Eastern channel entrance is encumbered by scattered islets of Korcula Archipelago. These islets serve as wave breakers that protect the channel from easterly waves.


::Competition history


Apartment 2Viganj, St. Liberan beach is the most popular launch site in Peljesac channel. The very first Viganj windsurfing event was held on 30-31 July 1986. It was sixth regatta for Yugoslav Cup (class DII). First European Championship - Funboard class (113 competitors from 19 countries) was another important windsurfing event held on 23-26 July 1990. On 08-13 July 2013, Viganj has hosted the Formula Windsurfing World Championship and proved its ranking among the best formula windsurf spots on earth. 127 competitors representing 26 nations, 3 continents, including some top names (Antoine Albeau, Steve Allen, Gonzalo Costa Hoevel, Ross Wiliams and the winner Casper Bouman) were on the starting grid in Viganj.

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Apartment 2Peljesac Channel is a very safe place to windsurf thanks to weak currents, small tidal range and channel topography. Channel seabed is clear of obstructions.
Particular dangers in the channel to be aware of are: dense marine traffic (sailing boats, yachts, cruise ships, ferries etc.) including hundreds of windsurfers and kitesurfers during the summer, sudden offshore wind and westerly storms (for details, please section winds).
Poor visibility due to fog is rare on the average of less than 1 day a year. Visibility may be reduced in rain showers. Shark sightings have never been reported in this area.
Currents are frequently W-going in Peljesac Channel, except near Korcula, at a rate of about 1 knot, but in W winds stronger E-going current is established.
Tidal streams; In calm weather and light winds the E and W-going tidal streams change with the tide, attaining a rate of 0.5 to 1.5 knots.
The tidal range (the vertical difference between the high tide and the succeeding low tide) is up to 0.5 meter.



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Search and Rescue at sea - MRCC-Rijeka: 24/7 toll-free telephone number: 195


Port Authority Orebic (08.00 - 20.00): +385 20 714 069

Port Authority Korcula (07.00 - 22.00) +385 20 711 178





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