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Two most popular windsurfing launch sites on Peljesac (north shore of Peljesac Channel) are St. Liberan Beach in Viganj and Zamosce beach in Kuciste. Korcula Island, south shore of Peljesac Channel has a mostly rocky coastline. The short and narrow beach on Korcula's old town peninsula is the best launch point on chanel's south shore.
All of the above-mentioned are great launch sites for all wind directions.
Alternatively, numerous small pebble beaches along the Peljesac shore can serve as a launching site, too.


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::Zamosce beach and bay


Zamosce bay extends from Zamosce Point in the east to "Mala Ponta" point in the west and overlooks the Korcula old town with an overall length of nearly 450 meters.
The local road (Orebic-Kuciste-Viganj) that runs the almost full length of the Zamosce bay and parallel to the west part of the beach with a length of 150 meters and then curves to the inland. The pebble beach itself totals 500 meters in length and 35 meters wide at its widest point - Zamosce Point. The Zamosce Point works in almost every wind direction for all levels of windsurfing abilities. Usually, a stronger, wind driven, E-going current (3-4 knots) in westerly wind is established at the Zamosce point. Launching is easier west of the Zamosce point (the eastern part of the Zamosce bay), where NW winds give cross-onshore conditions and provides an excellent opportunity to learn how to beach start.
During summer months a large number of boats are moored in the bay and small dedicated swimming zone is located on its eastern side. Bay is particulary sheltered from SE winds which can make launching difficult or near impossible with a small boards, providing excellent conditions for beginners even in a stronger winds. The best launching in easterly winds is from Zamosce point and area east of the Zamosce point, or alternatively from "Mala ponta" point.


::St. Liberan beach and Viganj Bay


St. Liberan pebble beach lies along the local road running from Orebic to Viganj with an overall length of nearly 550 meters and less than 50 meters wide at its widest point. Parking is very limited, but on-street parking is not prohibited. The launch is easy with waist to chest deep water for 5 to 10 meters out. Behind the beach are commercial (privately owned) campgrounds, restaurant and beach bars. Rigging can be done on the beach. Grass rigging areas in the campgrounds, showers and toilets are reserved for their guests only. East of the chapel St. Liberan is area of weaker current, excellent for beginners, especially during light easterly or westerly winds in the morning.
A Westerly wind - Maestral can provide more challenging conditions during a warm summer afternoons. Viganj bay is located west of the chapel and comprising a long succession of small and narrow beaches and small boat piers. The bay is open to westerly winds producing excellent cross-shore conditions, except at its eastern end, where the wind angle is usually cross-onshore. The eastern end of the bay is sheltered from the easterly winds while on its western end easterlies producing cross-shore conditions.




Small scenic launch site at the top of the Korcula's old town peninsula, jutting out into the Peljesac Channel, works well in most directions except Bora (NW) which is very gusty and on shore on the south coast of Peljesac Channel. This 30 meters long pebble beach is located just outside the breakwater and wall impede access to the beach. Rigging can be done on the beach.
There is plenty of good parking, but in the tourist season can be pretty scarce.
In light westerly winds, sheltered area east of the Korcula's old town peninsula is suitable for beginners. Be aware there is quite a lot traffic here as yachts and boats arrive and leave the busy marina nearby.


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